Can You Guess Everyone’s Favorite Name?

If you simply took a list of names for a new product and asked around in the office, chances are slim that people would like the same ones, and that’s fine. But in a thorough naming process done right, your naming team should be able to come to an agreement without...

Moving abroad should feel like coming home

A while ago, Eqvarium was hired to find a name for a Swedish company based in Portugal. They offer tax law counseling for future retirees and entrepreneurs who want to sell their company when moving to another EU country. The challenge was to find a name that felt warm and welcoming..

Fast, Cheap And Sloppy?

Recently, Eqvarium was contacted by a person who’s about to start up the Swedish operations in a Finnish company that will expand in the rest of the Nordic region. They have a Finnish name that doesn’t work in Sweden, Norway or Denmark. The CEO said they wanted a working name that same week. The website was..

Eqvarium’s Naming Academy Part 14

Are you expanding globally, merging two companies together or launching a side product to your main business? A proper name gives you better prospects to succeed. Here are three good things to keep in mind when choosing a name:
1. Give the name a chance to survive..

Eqvarium’s Naming Academy Part 13

When you start anew, start with a good name. When you’re about to venture into a business of your own, there are so many things to think about. Finding the right brand name can seem like a minor task, but it’s one that can easily turn into a real nightmare. To avoid...

Article in CMO: Is brand success all in your name?

Founder of consulting firm, Eqvarium, discusses the role a name plays in brand building and engagement. According to Nilsson, there are numerous considerations any organisation needs to bring to choosing its name. Primary among these are legal and intellectual...

Eqvarium’s Naming Academy Part 12

When not to think new To save a dying business or gain quick attention, one must think new. Some people, however, take that too literally. When it comes to naming, everyone from political parties (especially the more conservative ones) to sneaker companies love to put...

Eqvarium’s Naming Academy Part 11

Start small, think big Naming is equally important for small and big businesses. Even if you don’t have the budget of a large competitor, your brand can still benefit from a smaller, but still thorough, naming process. You won’t get as many names to choose between,...


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