Some of our cases:

We Assisted the Assistant

A successful business with a great booking and checkout system came to Eqvarium looking for a brand name to match their offer. With their core values and brand promise in mind – to make every business day a little easier – we created a list of strong contenders. They went for Valei, a short and snappy name..

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Moving abroad should feel like coming home

A while ago, Eqvarium was hired to find a name for a Swedish company based in Portugal. They offer tax law counseling for future retirees and entrepreneurs who want to sell their company when moving to another EU country. The challenge was to find a name that felt warm and welcoming..

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A Pre-Destined Conqueror Needs a Challenging Name

In the modern world of business project management hyper adaptation is the key to success. Everybody’s looking for the one thing that can make the complex simple – the management tool to end all other management tools. Good thing it already exists. Patric Palm and his...

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Spirado – A Name to Grow With

Lärarfortbildning was about to launch a leadership initiative and wanted a name that communicated something entirely new. They turned to Eqvarium who helped them choose Spirado, a unique name loaded to the brim with just the right feeling. – In our industry we...

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Names we have created:

One of our cases: Favro
One of our cases: Favro
One of our cases: Favro
Names we have created: Nytida
Names we have created: SoliQ
Names we have created: Credento
Names we have created: mawok
Names we have created: Adveon
Names we have created: Inveio
Names we have created: Applino
Names we have created: Avarda