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Eqvarium was assigned by Autoliv, the world’s largest automotive safety supplier, to find a spin-off name for their electronics business segment. The name needed to reflect the new company’s focus on autonomous driving and future system supplies. Eqvarium looked deep into the crystal ball and came up with a long list of futuristic contenders ready to write history, one super clever tech treat at a time.

Names Under the Loupe: Does It Taste Like Yuk?

We learn from an early age not to play with our food. Perhaps certain restaurant owners need to learn to stop playing around with names? Even if deliberate, it’s dangerous when your brand name sounds like the opposite of tasty. We realize that “Yuc!” may refer to the traditional foods of Yucatan, and to be fair this Mexican place in Stockholm has gotten som great reviews.

Names Out Of Time And Out Of Line

Uninclusive or unappropriate names come twelve a dozen. In less representable businesses (such as the porn industry), sleazy names are pretty much standard. Everything has its place, it seems. But when big organizations and companies refuse to update their brands along with the times, things get complicated.
Swedish Brommapojkarna..

Who The F–k Is Alice?

Do you want to know the most common names for newborns in Sweden 2018? Just take a look at last year’s list …Apparently, there can never be too many Alices and Williams in the world. According to onomastic science professor Katarina Leibring at Uppsala University, it’s all about the snowball effect. But for a name to become super popular in the first place..

Staying on top requires a great naming strategy

Even world-leading companies need to get their marketing strategies right to stay on top. If you run a successful business and have many new products in the pipeline, or if your would like to separate your different offerings, a thorough naming strategy and creative...

Who would you rather do business with 2018?

To succeed in business these days, you need to pick your associates wisely. And if a name is like a personal business trademark, perhaps you should think twice before you join forces with young offenders like Blue Arsed Fly Designs or Cocktease Fashion….

Names Under the Loupe: Stiff Names Engage

A handful of people in Sweden have the surname Bånge. For an English native, it may just sound like a weird word that no one can pronounce, but in Swedish it literally means “boner”. Recently, a soon-to-be husband made a powerpoint presentation to his Boner fiancee,...

From Carol to Curse – The Dangers of a Christmas Name

Carol and Candy, Belle and Balthasar. According to a new survey made in the UK, Festive-themed names are on the rise. Parents who are expecting babies in December are thinking of naming their newborns after biblical characters, festive animals and plants – all closely...

Creating Business Beyond This Reality

Looking for inspiration to start creating more freely in your life and business? Buy this book featuring yours truly!  Finding the one thing in life that you would do no matter what, is the key to having joy in business. For me, art was that special thing. When I...

We Assisted the Assistant

A successful business with a great booking and checkout system came to Eqvarium looking for a brand name to match their offer. With their core values and brand promise in mind – to make every business day a little easier – we created a list of strong contenders. They went for Valei, a short and snappy name..


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