Names Under The Loup: How Much Fun Are Funny Names, Really?

This summer, thieves got their hands on the priceless crown jewels from the cathedral in Strängnäs and fled the scene in a speedboat. Now that the Swedish people have finally recovered from the tragedy, but no longer have any royal objects to admire, they can perhaps pay a visit to fashionable Jobbiga Kläder* on Storgatan instead. Strange..

All That Glimmers Isn’t Gold

A new report from Mining Intelligence shows that the mining industry suffers from extreme anxiety and lack of fantasy when it comes to brand names. Over 1,000 mining companies use the word “gold” in their company name, while “coal” and “copper” end up in second and third place.
Consensus here seems to be “better safe than sorry,” but in actual fact, choosing a generic..

One Tree Doesn’t Make A Rainforest – Don’t Limit Your Brand

You’re at the sci-fi shelf looking to get your hands on the latest Bella Forrest novel, when you suddenly catch a glimpse of… cheese doodles and ravioli! From now on, that’s what you can expect when you visit Adlibris (yes, they run physical stores as well.) Bonnier’s e-bookshop is venturing into groceries – an expansion no one really saw coming. At..


“We’re not alone in regarding solar energy as the future. But our technology and product stand out on the market, and we need to show that in every part of our brand. We hired Eqvarium to create a waterproof brand name that both challenged the industry status quo and...

Names Under the Loupe: So, Is It All You Can Eat?

My Vegina (short for My Vegan Regina, or My Vegan Queen), kills all competition with its both cocky (sorry) and pretty name. The new kid on the block in Stockholm’s inner city certainly understands the point of standing out, and the young, conscious target audience really seems to buy into the name and concept. Would it work globally?..

Will Your Name Cut It?

Are you sitting on a treasure chest full of amazing names for a revolutionary service or product? Remember to check the following before registering your new brand name:
Are the names in sync with our overall strategy? Do the names work internationally? How are they perceived in other languages and on our global key markets? Are the names legally secure? Do we have the..

What if we don’t like the names?

Hyundai, Lego, Pepsi – many brand names are so well-established that we rarely think about how they really sound. They have all reached a desirable position on their respective markets. Imagine a meeting where these names were presented to the company’s decision makers. Do you see standing ovations, or a room full of confused faces? We guess the latter, and here’s a little truth…

Names Under The Loup: Stålhästen

When Jon Bon Jovi sang “I’m a cowboy, on a steel horse I ride, I’m wanted dead or alive”, he probably meant a motorcycle, as the expression steel horse commonly refers to classic American biker gangs and outlaw culture. But maybe, just maybe, he was paying homage to the Swedish bike manufacturer Stålhästen (Steel Horse). The company takes inspiration from..

How Much Is A Name?

Many are curious about the actual price tag for a brand name. We can see why, as naming can seem abstract and difficult to value for the uninitiated. What we don’t see is why it should differ from any other industry where the price is set according to unique needs and wishes. The size of the project, the number of countries for business and linguistic language checks​​, the amount..

10% Discount On Kickoff Workshops

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