The 5 Elements of Naming

To create a high-quality brand name that lasts over time, you need to be aware of the following elements: First Element: Differentiation
Differentiation is not an easy word to pronounce, but it’s even harder to achieve. Any business that stands out in its key markets, will have an advantage against competitors that choose to play it safe. We all know that, we all say that – but in most cases, it’s just empty words. A strong, unique brand name is one way to really..

One Word Names – A Good Affair

Recent studies show that startups benefit from choosing a one word brand name. Newly established businesses have reported an increased market value of 2.53 %, compared to the ones with names that include several words. Another huge success factor is the actual word itself. And the winning formula seems to be “the weirder the better,” since a standout name makes people remember you. This is nothing new to us but might come as a surprise for those who believe in playing..

Names Under The Loupe: Confusing or intriguing?

When the pipes leak, who do you turn to? Your husband, the great alpha male, of course. At least if you’re still living in the 1950s. This service company reaches out to businesses in literal need of a helping hand. They are one of many, but their brand name certainly stands out. Playing on stereotypes can be very effective and this is a fine example. And make no mistake – the “husband” in question can very well be a strong woman..

Names in Fashion – Impossible or Immaculate?

Thank you can pronounce it? Think again.

Clients often declare that a brand name should be easy to pronounce. But when you look at some of today’s most significant brands – for instance the ones we most willingly showcase on our bodies – most people would probably get them wrong. But maybe, that can be a good thing to get the buzz going and separate yourself from the competition.

Names Under The Loupe: Everyone’s Favorite Douchebag

We always encourage our clients to dare to be different, to choose adventure before safety.

These guys manifest what we’re talking about.

Douchebag is a bold, cocky and simply fantastic name that truly stands out.

Douchebag = 1. Competition = 0.

When You Think Brand Names, Think Graffiti

When You Think Brand Names, Think Graffiti Even cavemen drew on walls to tell their story. Still, it’s taken graffiti and street art forever to get anywhere near mainstream culture. While some will always consider tagging a building nothing but vandalism, there’s a lot you can take from graffiti when it comes to creating your brand identity and name:  The groundbreaking mindset If it’s not edgy, it’s literally painted over. The same goes for most businesses.

Names Under The Loup: How Much Fun Are Funny Names, Really?

This summer, thieves got their hands on the priceless crown jewels from the cathedral in Strängnäs and fled the scene in a speedboat. Now that the Swedish people have finally recovered from the tragedy, but no longer have any royal objects to admire, they can perhaps pay a visit to fashionable Jobbiga Kläder* on Storgatan instead. Strange..

All That Glimmers Isn’t Gold

A new report from Mining Intelligence shows that the mining industry suffers from extreme anxiety and lack of fantasy when it comes to brand names. Over 1,000 mining companies use the word “gold” in their company name, while “coal” and “copper” end up in second and third place.
Consensus here seems to be “better safe than sorry,” but in actual fact, choosing a generic..

One Tree Doesn’t Make A Rainforest – Don’t Limit Your Brand

You’re at the sci-fi shelf looking to get your hands on the latest Bella Forrest novel, when you suddenly catch a glimpse of… cheese doodles and ravioli! From now on, that’s what you can expect when you visit Adlibris (yes, they run physical stores as well.) Bonnier’s e-bookshop is venturing into groceries – an expansion no one really saw coming. At..


“We’re not alone in regarding solar energy as the future. But our technology and product stand out on the market, and we need to show that in every part of our brand. We hired Eqvarium to create a waterproof brand name that both challenged the industry status quo and...


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