Fortnite Thinking is Forward Thinking

Gaming behavior is a hot topic these days. But even though online games can certainly consume us, these alternative worlds aren’t all that bad. Fortnite, for example, is in many ways a cultural revolution. Although action-packed and violent, it does encourage diversity with its many different “skins” that can be of any race or gender. Just this week, they released new female soccer skins such as Poised Playmaker, Finesse Finisher and Clinical Crosser. And guess what, they’re a…

The Brand Name Story: The Unclouders 

What does an unclouder do? To uncloud information is essential in everything we do. I work as a moderator on stage and with investor relations advising. Occasionally, I also work as a journalist which is where I started out. Maybe I am stating the obvious here, but my company The Unclouders is working for clarity in investment cases or other important information. We strive to eliminate the clouds and the fogginess that hides the beauty, or the beast…

Can You Summarize Your Brand In One Word?

You sure can. And that word should be the building stone for your brand name. For the name to support your business, you need to make it a natural part of your brand strategy from day one. This is a universal truth, no matter the size of your company.
If you make the very common mistake of treating brand and product names like a last-minute issue, the effect will be quite the opposite..

Why the Fy? Quit the brand leeching already.

Brothers Martin and Markus Villig have been on the road to success ever since they started Taxify in 2013. Today, the service is available in 25 countries worldwide and they’re described as the biggest challenger to Uber in Europe. A great achievement, for sure. Still, the brand name is by all definition something of a highway disaster. The phenomenon of Spotify created a trend among hungry startups that spread like a plague..

Name Spotting: Why Didn’t I Think of That?

Wherever we go, we keep a close eye on the names around us. Every so often, we come across brands – or at least brand names – that make us a bit jealous. We mean that in the best possible way, since brilliance is always inspiring. These are our favorite name spottings of the year.
Douchebag –
Everyone needs a real douchebag in their life. At least one that looks like this. Of all the brand names we’ve spotted lately..

A Christmas Gift That Keeps on Giving

Are you looking forward to another year full of fantastic creation? Are you ready to go next level with your business? Great! But remember, only fools rush in …
Once your mind is set on expansion, things tend to happen fast. Although seizing new possibilities is what makes business fun and exciting, change also comes with responsibility.
For instance, you need to keep up to speed with the brand names in your product..

The Names of the Year

Another exciting year for Eqvarium has come to an end.
Although we’ve probably created thousands of names in the past twelve months, only a handful made it all the way. But that is simply the nature of the naming process – to find the best name for your company or product, you must first let it face some serious competition.
Here are three strong brand names from 2018 that have gained a lot of attention and deserve a special mention..

Names Under the Loupe: What Would Barbie Ride?

The two-wheel revolution is upon us. But it’s hardly a Harley revival. Modern bikers rather minimize the carbon footprint than raise hell on the highway. Yes, we’re talking electric scooters, those weird things that promise low speed at a high price. Unless you rent one by the hour, of course.
Scooters are quite interesting from a naming perspective. A sharp Razor, a chic Glion Dolly, a practical Ecoreco or a $5,000..

All Brand Names Matter. Some More Than Others.

“No brand becomes iconic without a solid business strategy”. A recent major U.K. study shows that over half of the respondents would choose a well-known brand over a bargain, even if it meant spending more money. Unsurprisingly, Coca-Cola, Apple, Amazon and Adidas rank among the most popular consumer picks. Is it out of habit, brand snobbism or perhaps pure laziness?

The Art of Naming

Do you tend to name your creations so the name explains what something is? Or do you choose names that carry the energy of your creations and make them sing?
Join Eqvarium CEO and international naming expert Katarina Nilsson and Heather Nichols CF on Monday 19th November 12 PST/9pm CET on VoiceAmerica Empowerment for a conversation delving into naming as an art form that can expand everything you do & create!


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