What’s in a good name?

Have you come up with a hip and cool sounding name for your company, product or service? Be careful! Of course, there’s always a chance that you’ve nailed it simply by chance, but when it comes to naming — better safe than sorry is a ground rule. Many times, a flashy name is nothing but a pitfall for your business in the long run. So what’s actually in a good name, except a nice and appealing ring to it?

1. It’s expansion-friendly
One name may be great for your current key market. But what happens if your company expands, or your product is updated? Make sure to pick a name that will work for you globally.

2. It possesses longevity
You may be hot news today, but who wants yesterday’s papers? Nobody in this world, as The Rollins Stones put it. A trendy name easily becomes dated. You want one that will feel just as good in five to seven years from now.

3. It reflects your soul
Your naming decisions should always reflect your core values as well as the expectations and needs of your target audience. In short — your brand names need to mirror who you are, rather tan what you are.

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