How Can You Name Something If You Don’t Know What It Is?


Creating a great brand name comes with certain requirements. One is to be able to answer a seemingly simple question: What are we going to name? That can’t be too hard, can it? You’d be surprised.


Lately, I have noticed that many companies struggle with their brand architecture and strategy. They simply aren’t too sure what they’re in fact selling and even less certain about their brand position and target audience. These things are supposed to be the very core of your business and exactly what the brand name should reflect. If you don’t know who you are, you can still come up with a name. But will it be the rightone?


In short, quite a few businesses need to do their homework better.


Luckily, Eqvarium are closely aligned with some of the most competent people out there when it comes to bridging business and brand strategies. Once that platform is set, it will be so much easier to build a solid naming strategy and start creating.


Do you need to get to know yourselves better? Let’s build your brand brick by brick.


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