The Road Less Traveled is One of Great Opportunity

Equality. Sustainability. Human rights. All very important topics indeed. But important® doesn’t necessarily have a long lifeline when it comes to building your brand. To care about people and our planet is all good, but if you focus too hard on a certain issue in your brand name, it may be unfortunate for your business in the long run.

Today, politics is certainly the new pop. People are aware, get involved and often support companies that suit their beliefs. But for businesses there’s a flip-side to that coin. Trends come and go, and companies need to think ahead and see the bigger picture. Even if you have great core values, it’s always a safer bet to take the road less traveled and not limit yourself by being too descriptive. In fact, when it comes to naming, nothing raises a red flag like the topic of the week. Yes, a trendy name will probably give you lots of attention and increase your sales, but what happens when everyone moves on and something else becomes more important®? Everyone wants brand awareness, but if you choose the fast lane you will most certainly be outdated before you know it.

Eqvarium has recently been involved in a very exciting naming project that included many of these topics. The business idea is very solid and there’s a good chance for expansion. The challenge was to find a name that reflects women’s empowerment, equality and sustainability without limiting the company potential. A sort of tricky but very inspiring — and oh yes, important® — assignment that really put us to the test.

Are you looking for a brand name that speaks volumes about your brand values, without saying too much?

Let’s get creative together!

Name Spotting of the Month: Don’t Mess with Candy

Easter’s closing in and the eggs must one again be filled with all the sweets that money can buy. Needless to say, it’s high season in candy land. But not everyone is cheering, and it’s all due to an unfortunate name change. Wonka is one of the most loved brands in the candy industry and many people have grown up with the creative, whimsical candy associated with the name. Now they’ve changed it into something totally generic and people are simply not having it. “Brand names aren’t that important,” some might say. “Don’t mess with candy,” we reply.

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