Brand Name Consultation

2.200,00 kr ex. VAT

Most people would agree that it’s important to choose a good name for your company, product or service. But can you actually tell what a good name is? And how do you pick the right one?

To make life easier for start-ups and business owners we’ve created a special brand name consultation service. This is tailor-made for you who wish to create your own name but still feel you need some support in the naming process.

Through the name consultation you will get a clearer picture of what kind of names that are suitable for your business and what criteria they need to meet in order to get the job done. The goal is for you to get the right tools to choose a name that makes your business fly, instead of limiting your possibilities.

During a consultation we often talk about what emotions and values the name should convey, what the legal requirements are and how to take the company/service/product life cycle into consideration.

Please contact me to schedule a consultation after you have made your purchase: [email protected] or +46 70 545 55 00.

I run Eqvarium

I’m a linguist, have a Master’s degree in English and Spanish and speak several other languages. I’ve had lots of different jobs through the years – everything from ski instructor and croupier to high school mentor. I’m also an artist and creativity is very important in everything I do. I’ve been in the naming business for more than a decade and also run various business classes on creativity and self development.

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