Eqvarium's Services: Naming
Eqvarium's Services: Naming

Taglines – Tag Your New Name


As an additional service to our naming processes, we can also offer you a slogan/tagline to complement your new name. A tagline is a very efficient way to define your brand and reach your target audience.

From Nike’s Just Do It to Apple’s Think Different – a business tagline can become just as iconic as the brand name itself. A tagline can be used in various ways and we can help you analyze which type best suits your product, service or company. You can choose to include the tagline creation in your naming process, or add it once you’ve found your new name.

However, we do recommend the first option, since it will give you a chance to see how different taglines work with different name options.


Would you like to know more about taglines, how they can help putting your business on the map and how the creation process works?

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Some of the names we have created

Names we have created: Credento
Names we have created: Favro
Names we have created: Adveon
Names we have created: Nytida
Names we have created: Credento