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Katarina Nilsson, photographer: Rickard Liljeroos Katarina Nilsson, photographer: Rickard Liljeroos

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Eqvarium in Print – advice on naming in the craft industry

In a new article in Plåt & Vent, Eqvarium CEO Katarina Nilsson gives advice on naming in the craft industry. The magazine also gave her an assignment to come up with three thinkable names – good and bad ones – for imaginary tinplate and ventilation companies....

Article in CMO: Is brand success all in your name?

Founder of consulting firm, Eqvarium, discusses the role a name plays in brand building and engagement. According to Nilsson, there are numerous considerations any organisation needs to bring to choosing its name. Primary among these are legal and intellectual...

A future hope from (right) above – Zenuity

Eqvarium helped Volvo Cars and Autoliv with the name for a new company focusing on the development of autonomous driving systems. They have now announced the launch of Zenuity. Innovative names are significant for the industry, and the name derives from ingenuity and...

How to create a new business name that competes with the big brands

Eqvarium and Katarina Nilsson was interviewed by Australian media personality and brand ambassador Deborah Hutton. The article is published on her site; Balance by Deborah Hutton. Advice on how to create names that rocks! 1. What’s in a name – your top tip to create a...

Article: Name your business – How to choose a winning name

Katarina has written an article for the site Ms. Career girl who aims to help ambitious young professional women find passion in their profession, or a profession out of their passions:  So you have your great idea and are about to set the wheels in motion? Great job!...

Article: Five steps to choosing a powerful business name

Katarina Nilsson’s article on naming was published in What’s New in Fitness Magazine. Read the article in the magazine here, or below. Five steps to choosing a powerful business name As a personal trainer or someone who works in the fitness industry, you already know...

Naming for gaming

The Swedish Patent and Registration Office (PRV) has produced a knowledge program within intellectual property for the gaming industry. Eqvarium contributes with naming expertise for the industry. Read more and watch the film on naming here. (Swedish)  

It’s called a brand name, not a bland name

Katarina Nilsson is a Naming Consultant and Owner of Eqvarium AB. She is also a member of Eurostaff Experts. Eurostaff Experts is a community of industry specialists who share their experience to help professionals and industries progress. Read Katarinas first article...

How do I name my product?

Katarina Nilsson was interviewed in the Swedish media magazine ’Dagens Media’ where she shared her five best naming tips. The article is written in Swedish and published in nr 18, 2016. Give us a call if you want us to translate!  

The best tips for naming your product or service

"Naming your product or service should never be a light-hearted decision, even though it might seem like the most fun part of any development process. Sure, don’t deny yourself the fun, but it’s serious business – so serious that entrepreneur, naming strategist and...

The Art of Naming: What’s Your Emotional Intelligence?

It’s never a good idea to settle for a compromise when it comes to naming your new product or company. A company or product name should be a boost, not a burden. When executed properly, the creative process of naming should aid you in further your brand and increasing...

A Pre-Destined Conqueror Needs a Challenging Name

In the modern world of business project management hyper adaptation is the key to success. Everybody’s looking for the one thing that can make the complex simple – the management tool to end all other management tools. Good thing it already exists. Patric Palm and his...

Spirado – A Name to Grow With

Lärarfortbildning was about to launch a leadership initiative and wanted a name that communicated something entirely new. They turned to Eqvarium who helped them choose Spirado, a unique name loaded to the brim with just the right feeling. – In our industry we...

Eqvarium on the air – The Art of Naming

On Monday August 3, at 9 pm European central time, naming strategist Katarina Nilsson appeared on Heather Nichols’ radio show. Among other things she shard her most effective tools and insights on how to create vibrant brand names for businesses, products and...

Eqvarium in popular Swedish weekly magazine

Katarina Nilsson was recently interviewed about naming for the Swedish weekly magazine ICA Kuriren, which resulted in am excellent four page article. The text is in Swedish, but you are welcome to check it out via the link below: ICA Kuriren nr 5 2015

Article in Företagaren (In Swedish)

"She knows how to make yourself a name" Katarina Nilsson and Eqvarium is interviewed in the Swedish entrepreneur magazine Företagaren, no 4 2011. Read the article in Swedish here:

Article in Språktidningen (In Swedish) No 2/2011

"Quick and smart, the new solution" Eqvarium and Katarina Nilsson express her opinion about names in the pharmaceutical industry in the Swedish magazine Språktidningen, no 2/2011 Read the article in Swedish here:  

Article in BrandNews (In Swedish)

"Naming" Name and brands clearly contributes to the profitability and more and more companies see the name issue as a strategic part of brand management and handles it at management level. A name is much more than a number of letters. Katarina Nilsson is interviewed...

Article in BrandNews (In Swedish) No 2/2010

"Increased profitability with real names" Katarina Nilsson and Eqvarium is interviewed in the Swedish magazine BrandNews, no 2/2010. Read the article in Swedish here: