Would you like to know how a name is created? In a recent magazine feature (Swedish only), Eqvarium CEO Katarina Nilsson talks to Civilekonomen about the creation of the brand name Akavia – a new trade union sprung from two already established ones. In the article, Katarina offers a wide range of useful tips that both small and large companies can benefit from. Here are three:


1) Have a clear process for the work to be completed

2) Choose a name that is a bit al dente rather than easily digested

3) Make sure that the name works legally and doesn’t have any inappropriate associations in other languages


Many have realized the importance of names as a part of the brand strategy, and we see an increased interest in what we do from both clients and the media. It’s about time, if you ask us. The right name not only supports your business going forward, it can also create positive change in an entire industry. We dare to say that Akavia is such a name.


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