I have no idea what it is. Let’s name it!

How Can You Name Something If You Don’t Know What It Is?
Creating a great brand name comes with certain requirements. One is to be able to answer a seemingly simple question: What are we going to name? That can’t be too hard, can it? You’d be surprised. Lately, I have noticed that many companies struggle with their brand architecture and strategy. They simply aren’t too sure what they’re in fact selling and even less certain about their brand position..

Name Spotting: Lime? Blimey!

In CRM, client satisfaction is crucial. Imagine working up a reputation and a great online rating for your services, just to have it shattered due to an unfortunate name decision. Something like that recently happened to Swedish Lundalogik, when they changed their name to the more generic Lime Technologies. The new name was in fact so generic, that it didn’t take long before upset and angry customers started calling. System breakdown? More like a flat tire..

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow? Not likely.

A great name speaks volumes and extends your brand – something that Rapunzel of Sweden, quite literally, manages with ease. The business has taken its name from a well-known Brothers Grimm tale, where a pretty girl in a tower lets people climb up there using her hair. Obviously, it’s very long and of high quality. We think this is a great use of symbolism and a fine example of how a name can create instant brand recognition.

Let’s Bake Better Brand Names

A naming strategy, inside a branding strategy, inside a business strategy. A too difficult recipe to master, is it?
When I started working with names, I noticed that many companies looked at naming as a no-brainer. Very often, the responsibility for naming a new product was intertwined with the development team. There was a certain “you created it, you name it”-mentality going on. But evidently, creating names in an ad hoc way is not the road to brand consistency.

Name Spotting: Vampires – They Will Suck Your Business Dry

It’s often said that while good artists borrow, great artists steal. But if you are a total knock-off, you better brace yourself for a big fat lawsuit … This is exactly what happened when the 1990s TV-show host Elvira was sued by her biggest influence, the less successful glamour ghoul Vampira, who was the first ever female horror host back in the 1950s. When two feisty..

What Do You Mean Colon Cleansing in Mandarin?

Why Better Safe Than Sorry Is the Golden Rule of Naming.
Many describe their company as their “baby”. An overused metaphor for sure, but people like it for a reason. It is about something you truly cherish in life, something that requires all your attention and time. Even if you don’t have a real baby yourself, you’ve probably experienced how difficult it is for parents to find a name worthy of their little prince or princess.

Introducing Name of the Week: Heartment

Every week, Eqvarium will post a name in social media that we find interesting from a professional point of view.
This is a fun and fast way for us to explain what we do, but also an inspiration source for you.
We want it to be like a dictionary for naming – hence the layout.

A Name That Takes You Places

Travel giant Marriott International has revealed the new name of “the world’s richest travel rewards program”, combining the three loyalty brands Marriott Rewards, The Ritz-Carlton Rewards and Starwood Preferred Guest. An initiative that will surely create more consistency and efficiency for the company. The rebranding also includes their credit cards that come with a significant welcome bonus. Out of 600 considered names, Marriott Bonvoy was a clear winner…

The four musts to make your brand name iconic

4 Key Factors: When your brand becomes a symbol, you make money in your sleep. Everything it symbolizes – luxury, efficiency, edge or tradition – is packed inside the brand name. Is it really ok for it to be just ok? To honor your brand vision by giving it an equally strong brand name, you need to consider these 4 things:
Longevity – Before you begin the creative process, do some trend spotting. What kind of names are common in your line..

Name Spotting: Crazy. But crazy good.

The motion picture industry is brutal. Many films aren’t even finished, and very few that see the light of day stand out enough to make a buzz. The ones that make the cut often have one important thing in common: attention to detail. In director Dan Gilroy’s new campy horror/comedy feature “Velvet Buzzsaw” – where greedy art dealers are killed by haunted paintings – the character names themselves are something of an art installation. The film is great, but the names are even better..


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