Names Under The Loup: Stålhästen

When Jon Bon Jovi sang “I’m a cowboy, on a steel horse I ride, I’m wanted dead or alive”, he probably meant a motorcycle, as the expression steel horse commonly refers to classic American biker gangs and outlaw culture. But maybe, just maybe, he was paying homage to the Swedish bike manufacturer Stålhästen (Steel Horse). The company takes inspiration from..

How Much Is A Name?

Many are curious about the actual price tag for a brand name. We can see why, as naming can seem abstract and difficult to value for the uninitiated. What we don’t see is why it should differ from any other industry where the price is set according to unique needs and wishes. The size of the project, the number of countries for business and linguistic language checks​​, the amount..

10% Discount On Kickoff Workshops

No kickoff, no business. For this year’s autumn conference, why not include an inspiring naming workshop? During a highly efficient hour, we take a closer look at your unique brand name challenges and try a couple of joyful, creative exercises. Book before June 30 and get a 10 % discount. The offer is subject to availability.

A Strategic Platform To Secure Your Names

Today, the possibility to expand and venture into new business areas is greater than ever before. But as always in business, it’s all about freedom under responsibility. A product family can start going in different directions and brands can start to cannibalize on each other. Regardless of the size of your company, it’s important that you have a clear understanding of your name challenges. We can help you build a strategic name platform…

How To Feel Safe In Your Naming Decisions

The Swedish Patent and Registration Office wanted to see alternative names for one of their new services, a web platform for legal streaming, The process was creative, enlightening and successful. Eqvarium created a list of exciting names, some smart and witty, others simply informative with a clear message. The website is now up and running..

We’ve Crossed The Magic Line – Hooray For Eqvarium!

This year we celebrate our 10-year anniversary and we would like to thank our clients for sticking with us on this fantastic journey. Each naming process has been totally unique and we hope it’s been as fun for you as it’s been for us. Coming to a name decision is never easy, but when you sit there pulling your hair over the last remaining candidates on the short list..

Names Under The Loupe: 4 Lessons From The Campfire

According to a Native American myth, an indian chief who was the father of many sons proclaimed the words “she is a boy again” when yet another son saw the light of the day, hence the child was named Sheboygan. When the Schwandt family from Michigan recently gave birth to their fourteenth(!) son, they decided to honor the ancient tale. Social media exploded..

Welcome Veoneer!

Eqvarium was assigned by Autoliv, the world’s largest automotive safety supplier, to find a spin-off name for their electronics business segment. The name needed to reflect the new company’s focus on autonomous driving and future system supplies. Eqvarium looked deep into the crystal ball and came up with a long list of futuristic contenders ready to write history, one super clever tech treat at a time.

Names Under the Loupe: Does It Taste Like Yuk?

We learn from an early age not to play with our food. Perhaps certain restaurant owners need to learn to stop playing around with names? Even if deliberate, it’s dangerous when your brand name sounds like the opposite of tasty. We realize that “Yuc!” may refer to the traditional foods of Yucatan, and to be fair this Mexican place in Stockholm has gotten som great reviews.

Names Out Of Time And Out Of Line

Uninclusive or unappropriate names come twelve a dozen. In less representable businesses (such as the porn industry), sleazy names are pretty much standard. Everything has its place, it seems. But when big organizations and companies refuse to update their brands along with the times, things get complicated.
Swedish Brommapojkarna..


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