Sometimes all it takes is the thought of how long we think a project is going to take for us to not even start at all. But as a matter of fact, time will pass regardless of whether we set sails or not. So there’s no need to hesitate! Give me a call and let’s get started to find your great brand name right away!

If, for example you had started a name development project mid of April you would have been close to the finish line by now. At this point, six to seven weeks into the project, we would already have made it from brief to creative process, selection, control and decision. And just to put things in perspective, if a large organization that wanted to review their name structure were to give us a call today, we would have a first draft done by the end of August.

We also have services that only take a couple of weeks from start to finish. If you have a name that you are looking at using and want to make sure that it will work linguistically on all of your markets, then we can provide you with the answer within two weeks. And if you on top of the linguistic screening also want us to make a legal screening you will have the answer within the same time frame. Simply reply to this email to get started on creating your great brand name.

Right now we have a number of really fun projects under way and next week one of our clients will launch their new, international brand – I can’t wait to tell you all about it!

Have a wonderful week and talk to you soon,


Brand Naming Expert and Eqvarium CEO