Transport Solutions – a part of Axel Johnson International, were assigned to create a new brand for an e-commerce platform selling extra lighting and spare parts for vehicles for full commercialization in the EU, the UK, Norway and Switzerland.

The key to success in the project was a close collaboration with a hand picked team of specialists that in a joint process, and in a short amount of time, established the foundation necessary to create a brand that works long term from a strategic, brand name, legal and visual stand point.

In the strategic phase the client personas, customer promise and customer benefits were mapped by Expresso Group. The name strategy concluded that an associative name would be the most effective way to go. Eqvarium worked out names from various creative routes where ”vision, eye sight, view” was one and ”the Nordics, the Nordic heritage” another.

The client received around 20 candidate names of different character and tonality. Based on the strategic criteria a smaller amount of names was filtered out for further legal, linguistic, domain and online assessment.

The trade mark searches were woven into the create name development to be able to present low risk and high quality names, and also integrated in the later stage of the project. Ports Group and Eqvarium collaborated in mapping intellectual property risk with the different names, check domain availability and internet search assessment. Ports Group dove into more detailed trade mark availability searches and drew out possibilities of buying domains including price and risk level.

In the end the client could choose among a handful of names. They chose Nordeye – a name that works well in communication with the target audience, tested well linguistically in important markets and was possible to register as a EU trade mark and where the .com domain could be purchased at a reasonable price.

At this point Louise Jansson Design could develop the graphic profile for Nordeye including a logotype, fonts and colour palette.

The name Nordeye is evocative and communicates ”Nordic heritage” and ”vision, eye sight”. This is relevant both since it is about lighting and also since Nordeye helps the customer to find what s/he is looking for in the easily accessible web portal.

“We are pleased that we, with help from Eqvarium, now have a name that is longstanding and supports our business”
Arvid Bild, VD Nordeye