Katarina Nilsson’s article on naming was published in What’s New in Fitness Magazine. Read the article in the magazine here, or below.

Five steps to choosing a powerful business name

As a personal trainer or someone who works in the fitness industry, you already know that there are no shortcuts to getting in shape. As a fitness mastermind, you probably spend your days creating individual strategies that help people reach their training goals over time. But did you also know that one of the most effective tools can be in picking the right name for your business?

Business naming and the profession of fitness have many similarities. Because just like personal trainers, experienced naming strategists also don’t believe in compromises, ’miracle diets’ or ’six packs in a week’. To really get it right, they understand that people need to walk the extra mile. And just like working out gets easier with time, naming is also very joyful experience, once it’s done right and after you get going!
When executed properly, the creative process of naming your business should aid you in further strengthening your brand and increasing sales. What many people don’t realise is that the name you choose can establish or expand your fitness brand. Here are five solid tips from coach to coach to put your business in motion.

1. Build up your strategy
First thing’s first – you will need a solid naming strategy before you start your journey. By building a strategic platform you get a clear, overall perspective on your company’s naming challenges.

2. Survive the trend
The flashiest training gear isn’t necessarily the best, right? Names are no different. Some names become very popular at certain times, then everyone forgets them. Be sure to take a look at the bigger picture and to think ahead. What kind of names represent your vision and will your considered business name work for you tomorrow as well as today?

3. See your business as a marathon, not a sprint
In training, visualising your future self is a key to success. Naming is similar. Think carefully and visualise what your business will look like in five to ten years. Are you still on your own, or do you work with others – perhaps your own team? When you pick a name, no matter if it’s for a start up, a big company or a product – the element of longevity is important.

4. Make the process a treat
As a fitness professional, your own workout routine is probably the highlight of your day; that moment when you’re in total control and feel on top of the world. A thorough naming process – much like a good workout – is also supposed to be fun! Creation, quality assurance and legal and linguistic evaluation can surely make anyone build up a sweat, but once you know what you’re doing the ride will be enjoyable!

5. Put your name on the scale
When you work with a client, evaluation is important as it enables you to see that you’re heading in the right direction. In the naming process, evaluation is also a key factor. Are you considering a certain name for your business? By checking it against each language or country/region that you will possibly operate in, you avoid legal issues and mininterpretations. Your name should be a boost, not a burden, to your success.

Of course, naming isn’t just fort start-ups. Even if your brand is already established, the time may come when you need suitable names for new products, or perhaps even need to change your current company name. In situations like this it’s important to be secure in your naming decisions so they don’t affect your business in a negative way. So when you’re next faced with naming opportunities, heed the tips above and remember, the faster you grow, the bigger the challenge.

If you think about the art of naming a business resembling that of getting healthy and in shape, you may still need some help to make progress. In which case, if your creative process gives you headaches then consider hiring a professional trainer in naming, to help you out.