“Good things take time and the name you choose must be able to support your business going forward”

2019 was a truly varied year for Eqvarium, with many exciting name assignments in all possible industries. In naming, the winner takes it all. That means that a lot of names, about 99.9%, are killed in the process. Some are smoked straight away, but many seemingly strange names stick around all the way to the finish line. The Man Village, 10KH and Lakay are some examples from this year’s harvest. Confusing? Good!

Names that make you frown are usually a good sign. Our clients are always a little surprised when we explain that the proposals they initially favor the least, often are the strongest candidates that over time turn into favorites. The ones you love right off the bat often become less interesting after a while, not only for you as a decision-maker, but also for your target audience.

Diving for pearls is a laborious process, but good things take time and the name you choose must be able to support your business going forward – not just sound good today.


If your company is in need of a new name, we would like to leave you with a little challenge over Christmas:

  • Find 5 to 10 names for companies, products or services that say nothing at first glance. If they seem weird, incomprehensible or even bad, that’s even better. Don’t find out what they actually mean.
  • Write them down on a note and make a priority order from best to worst.
  • While you celebrate Christmas, keep the names in the back of your head. Let them grow on you and try to figure them out.
  • Pick up the note when you return to work. See if the priority order has changed over the leave. Then check out the brand story behind each name and see if it makes any difference.


Who knows, you might be surprised …

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year from the naming team at Eqvarium!