Welcome to Eqvarium’s Breakfast Naming Seminars!

A name is more important than one might think.
During three exciting autumn seminars, we explain why.

For each seminar, we invite an expert in a certain field – marketing, intellectual property, business law, etc. – and discuss business names from different angles to build relationships with customers and increase sales.

At the seminars, you’ll get tips on:

  1. How to choose a name that reflects the customer promise
  2. How to create the right emotions
  3. How right names can boost sales

The Breakfast Naming Seminars are free of charge for you as a CEO, marketing manager, product manager, brand manager or other decision makers.

Time: 08:00 to 9:30 CET at Eqvarium | Folkungagatan 44, Stockholm (or online)

Tuesday November 7

Guest: Anna-Karin Lingham

Anna-Karin Lingham has many years of experience in branding of both companies and individuals. Her background can be found in leading positions in Swedish companies like Axfood, Hästens beds and Apotek Hjärtat. Anna-Karin is an experienced and appreciated speaker and workshop leader. She has written the guidebook “Show your true colors” (Visa ditt rätta jag, so far launched in Swedish) – a manual for developing your personal brand. She has also created “the Engagement model” together with Cristina Tscherning.

Anna-Karin has been appointed “Mentor of the year” by the Stockholm Marketing Association. She is also a singer, artist and outdoor adventurer, with a special fondness of high mountains.

Said about Anna-Karin:
“You make people and business flourish!”

Feel free to bring a name challenge that you face today and we’ll help you with the first steps towards a solution.

You can participate live or online. The seminars are in English.