To succeed in business these days, you need to pick your associates wisely. And if a name is like a personal business trademark, perhaps you should think twice before you join forces with young offenders like Blue Arsed Fly Designs or Cocktease Fashion.


These, along with 150 more limited companies, were rejected last year by British Companies House, a registrar that acts on behalf of the Secretary of State to make sure the most offensive business names never see the light of day. Similar practices take place in most countries around the world.


One could argue that you should be allowed to call your baby whatever you want, and awkward names always make for a good laugh. But your business isn’t laughing. While some “offensive” names on the list, such as Titanic Holdings Limited, are rather witty, this debatable censoring practice does have a purpose.


Coming off as edgy and courageous can be tempting, and sometimes it works for a certain product or service. But if you really mean business, you need to look beyond quick attention and 15 minutes on Facebook.


A name that includes a sensitive word may cause some buzz, but it certainly doesn’t mean it converts or attracts new business and associates in the long run. Does anyone really want to be in bed with Robotdick (also on the list) when it’s time to go global? We think not. Our tip is to always make your business names work for you, not against you.


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