Carol and Candy, Belle and Balthasar. According to a new survey made in the UK, Festive-themed names are on the rise. Parents who are expecting babies in December are thinking of naming their newborns after biblical characters, festive animals and plants – all closely associated with Christmas. The most popular one is Ivy (meaning “faithfulness”), that’s even knocked Elsa (as in the movie Frozen) off the throne.

There’s no real right and wrong in naming, but much like holiday seasons, certain kinds of names do come and go in a flash. And once the spirit’s cooled off, they can seem hopelessly outdated.

The same goes for companies, services and products.
Eqvarium often talks about the dangers of going for a trendy option, no matter how right it seems in the moment.

So while you’re celebrating and enjoying your time off, take a minute to think about your future business and what sort of names you will benefit from the most. Not only in 2018, but years ahead.

Merry Christmas And A Happy Name Year!