“It is a highly strategic decision that many people might take a little too lightly”


In modern corporate strategy, a strong name is a must to support the business in the long term. In an recent article with DI Digital, Katarina Nilsson, CEO of Eqvarium, explains more about the process of finding the right name. She also mentions industries where things often seem to go a bit sideways (with hilarious examples from the auto industry) and gives an overview on the current naming trends. Here are three of her most useful tips from the article:


  1. Pick a name that works both communicatively, linguistically and legally.


  1. Pick a search-friendly name – you don’t want something inappropriate to pop up every time someone googles your business.


  1. Pick an available domain name. If both .com and .se (for Swedish companies) are taken, it can be be quite tricky and pricy to make them yours.


If you have a DI Digital subscription, you can read the full article (in Swedish only) here!

If not, you will still find plenty of great naming advice here on eqvarium.com