Feeling vs. Functionality

The name you pick for your business will probably stick with you for a while. Therefore, it’s important that you really feel for your name. Many times, companies let rational thinking get the better of them and go for a functional, descriptive and many times quite boring brand name. If you ask us, it’s much wiser to choose a creative name with a lot of feeling to it. With a little finesse, you can still pack it with core values and technical aspects, and thereby get the best of two worlds.

Here are 3 good reasons to get creative in your branding decisions:

1. No soul, no sales
Even the most conservative industries are starting to grasp it. Creativity, as well as strong core values, equals credibility. And credibility equals good business. Today, people choose brands that reflect their values in life. Therefore, it’s essential that your brand name sends a strong message.

2. Machines function, humans feel
Your idea may be a real game-changer, but chances are nobody will understand your super advanced technology even if you explain it to them. Instead, focus on how your product will make life better for people and create your brand name around that.

3. There’s a u in business
You may not be what you sell. But you hopefully feel strongly for it. By communicating your own beliefs and values through your product, you will get more joy out of your business. Forget about the expectations of others and choose a name you’re really proud of and love.


Do you have a great product but no idea what to call it? We can help you find your creative spark through a naming workshop or with the whole naming process in order to get it right.


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