name academy 11

Start small, think big

Naming is equally important for small and big businesses. Even if you don’t have the budget of a large competitor, your brand can still benefit from a smaller, but still thorough, naming process. You won’t get as many names to choose between, but the ones you do get will be efficient, water-proof and catchy. You may start small, but thinking big around your brand name will help catapulting you to new markets.

Eqvarium has a great track-record when it comes to helping start-ups with their naming challenges and our small process is right now booming. It includes:

Phone meetings
Instead of physical meetings and workshops with you and your team, we have phone- or Skype appointments.

Great names
The list of company- or product names to consider will not be as extent as in the full-range process. However, you will still have plenty of high-quality names to choose between.

Efficiency from A-Z
Our smaller naming process is both fast and fun!
Why not begin with a coaching session in which we take a closer look on your naming challenges? Read more about our Small Naming process here.

Let’s play together!

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