naming academy part 12

When not to think new

To save a dying business or gain quick attention, one must think new. Some people, however, take that too literally. When it comes to naming, everyone from political parties (especially the more conservative ones) to sneaker companies love to put New in their actual brand name. Problem is, everything new gets older by the second, and outdating yourself is never a good idea when you want to grow. So, forget about new, old, modern, ultimate or any other description that will only do damage to your brand in the long run. Instead, focus on these things:

Core Values

We all have them and the more you communicate yours, the stronger your brand will become. Consumer awareness is on the rise, so don’t let your business fall behind.


Are you the red dress in a sea of black suits, or do you prefer blending in and playing it safe? Guess which option people find more attractive …

Potential Expansion

Start-up today, superstar tomorrow. You never know where your business will take you next, so you better pick a name that will be rock-solid even globally.

Word of advice: Don’t say your new. Show it.

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