Let the Name Be a Building Block for Your Business

Are you expanding globally, merging two companies together or launching a side product to your main business? A proper name gives you better prospects to succeed.

Here are three good things to keep in mind when choosing a name:

1. Give the name a chance to survive
When you at your competitors’ services and products, you will notice clear common denominators when it comes to names. Do not jump on the train! Names that sound cool today can often feel dated or even embarrassing tomorrow. Always think time before trend.

2. Don’t get legally burned
The name is supposed to put your business on fire, not burn out before the fun has even begun. Make sure that the name works legally in all your current and potential key markets to avoid major issues in the future. No matter how good the name sounds, it’s still worthless if it’s not possible to protect.

3. Brand awareness doesn’t happen overnight
A new and unique name may take some time to stick. But when people heard it three, four or five times they will start to remember it. Something that doesn’t happen if you choose a generic name that sounds like all the rest.

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