When Wide Thinking is the Right Thinking

To reach for everyone is to reach no one — marketing 101. A niche and a defined target group is a better way to achieve success in business. However, when it comes to naming a company, product or service, diversifying your brand through the name gives you a great advantage. One way is to choose an emotional sounding name rather than a descriptive one. This allows you to:

1. Develop your business but keep the name
Do you have a black belt in dog food? Perfect! But forget all names that include pooch and think outside the basket from the start. In five years time, you might also have the best diet for cats, birds and hamsters.

2. Build credibility
If you have a great product or service, a non-descriptive name will quickly be filled with emotion and consumer trust will increase. A unique name will also contribute to a strong brand with a long life span.

3. Survive the competition
A descriptive name may seem like the simplest and most obvious choice, but the more people who think that way, the greater the risk is for you to drown in all the competition. If you really believe in what you sell, your brand deserves a better destiny than to be just a mayfly.

We take names seriously — but love to play around with them — and know that a good one makes a difference in the long run. Want to know more about how we work to strengthen your brand? Get in touch!

Let’s create and take your business to new heights!


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