“Modern technology enables professional naming processes without the risk of infection”


Just a month ago, we wrote about how a certain virus had kidnapped the well-known beer brand Corona. Now, it has seemingly put an entire business world to a halt, as many small and large companies are struggling for their survival. There is no simple solution to this complex problem in sight, and only time can tell what sort of damage we are looking at, both regarding ourselves as individuals and our workplaces.

However, Eqvarium does not believe in just sitting around doing nothing, especially when a lot of work can still be done without any physical contact. Online meetings and distance communication may be unknown territory for some, but for us, it is in fact a part of everyday life.

In general, a naming process contains of the following elements: a start-up meeting, name creation, one or two selection meetings and a decision meeting. Although we – like most – prefer to sit down face to face with our clients in a proper meeting room, there are no parts of the naming process that cannot be carried out digitally.

In fact, an online process can be just as effective. This is probably also why many who buy our smaller naming process prefer video calls over time-consuming IRL meetings.


Modern technology enables professional naming processes without the risk of infection (ok, it might not protect against computer viruses). Let us together keep the wheels in motion and look forward to a healthy future full of fantastic names and brands!