Eqvarium lectures at Södertörn University for the fourth time. Katarina Nilsson shares her experiences of how companies can work strategically with name issues; she talks about key success factors and common pitfalls. The marketing students were highly involved and Katarina got some wise feed back and funny examples from our future decision makers!

”Several times Katarina Nilsson, Naming Consultant and MD at Eqvarium, has been invited to Södertörn University to speak about strategic naming for students studying Strategic Marketing. Katarina has extensive experience and knowledge in naming and is an open and entertaining speaker. In an inspiring and interesting manner, Katarina speaks about her experiences of what to consider when creating profitable brand names that will strengthen corporate business. She shares concrete client cases with illustrative and funny examples as well as useful advice that simplify the assessment of what a good and a weak brand name is.
 We are glad that we have had the privilege to listen to Katarina, and we look forward to her next visit!”
Robert Leonardi, Lecturer at Södertörn University