Wherever we go, we keep a close eye on the names around us. Every so often, we come across brands – or at least brand names – that make us a bit jealous. We mean that in the best possible way, since brilliance is always inspiring. These are our favorite name spottings of the year.



Everyone needs a real douchebag in their life. At least one that looks like this. Of all the brand names we’ve spotted lately, this is by far the gutsiest.


Ace & Tate
Some names are more than meets the eye. With such attention to craftsmanship and design, it’s only right to also go for a clever and polished name. Do you see what they’ve done here?


Way Cup!
The simple is not always best, but the best is always simple, right? To create simple brilliance, however, is far from easy. We just love the play on words here and the fact that the brand name works on so many levels.


Are you also into name spotting?

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