Uninclusive or unappropriate names come twelve a dozen. In less representable businesses (such as the porn industry), sleazy names are pretty much standard. Everything has its place, it seems. But when big organizations and companies refuse to update their brands along with the times, things get complicated.

Swedish Brommapojkarna (The Bromma Boys), Europe’s largest football association for boys and girls, is the latest example. The club recently received public criticism for being old-fashioned, but despite the pressure of changing to a gender neutral name, the proposal was downvoted. Gymnastics club Sofiaflickorna (the Sofia Girls) and the football club Pappas Pojkar FF (Daddy’s Boys FC) have the same problem, but are more positive to revise their brand names.

From a naming perspective, this is a no-brainer. Sports clubs don’t just come and go. Many grow distinguished and are strongly associated with specific values and expressions. Of course, changing something that’s deeply rooted in tradition isn’t easy. That’s why it’s so important to rethink everything and really get it right to begin with, preferably before you even set sail.