Recent studies show that startups benefit from choosing a one word brand name. Newly established businesses have reported an increased market value of 2.53 %, compared to the ones with names that include several words. Another huge success factor is the actual word itself. And the winning formula seems to be “the weirder the better,” since a standout name makes people remember you.


This is nothing new to us but might come as a surprise for those who believe in playing it safe. The word safe, by the way, doesn’t have to equal dull. It is important to secure your brand communication by using a solid strategy, but your brand values are hardly shattered by an inspiring name. On the contrary – be as far out as you like, just not off the map.


Remember, to speak to an audience, you must first find one. And the standard corporate option isn’t selling any tickets.


We’re good with words, and even better with just one. Let’s talk brand names!