Are we there yet?

Sometimes all it takes is the thought of how long we think a project is going to take for us to not even start at all. But as a matter of fact, time will pass regardless of whether we set sails or not. So there’s no need to hesitate! Give us a call and let’s get started.

If, for example you had started a name development project at the end of August you would have been close to the finish line by now. At this point, six to eight weeks into the project, we would already have made it from brief to creative process, selection, control and decision. And just to put things in perspective, if a large organization that wanted to review their name structure were to give us a call today, we would have a first draft done by mid December.

We also have services that only take a couple of weeks from start to finish. If you have a name that you are looking at using and want to make sure that it will work linguistically on all of your markets, then we can provide you with the answer within two weeks. And if you on top of the linguistic screening also want us to make a legal screening you will have the answer within the same time frame.

Right now we have a number of challenging projects under way. And to name just a few, we are excited to work with Atlas Copco Rock Drills in a global brand name development process and we are equally thrilled about being involved in a product naming project for The Absolut Company Pernod Ricard.

We wish you a wonderful and successful fall season!

Katarina Nilsson
Naming consultant and MD


All of the pencils are sharpened and the bowl of fruit is placed at the center of the round conference table. Representatives from different departments, all known for their creativity and ingenuity, were excited to get started on finding that great name for the new, fabulous product. But then nothing really happened. None of the names that the group came up with were as unique and fantastic as the product.

So where do you go from there?

Well, instead of fetching another cup of coffee and continue to try to spontaneously come up with something awesome it is much better to take on the challenge in a more structured fashion. And in order to work more methodically, it helps to understand what components a brand name consist of.

Here are a number of aspects to consider:

The construction is the foundation of the brand name, and there are a number of ways you can build a name. You can use words that already exist to create your own name, make up a word, create a name by piecing different words together, or use an alpha numerical combination. Here are a number of examples of the above:

Bring (From an existing word)
Google (Made up)
Land Cruiser (Combination of words)
G4S (Alpha numerical)

A metaphor is a symbol for the brand’s promise to the customer. Names based on metaphors are often times robust and sophisticated. An example of a name that is based on metaphor is Ford Mustang, which is a car with a lot of power and share its name with a forceful breed of horse. It’s no coincidence that Ford Mustang was chosen rather than Ford Sparrow.

Associations that the name conveys are important to consider. Does the name make you think of speed, adventure or care for the environment? Some names create very clear associations while others are more subtle. Securitas offers security solutions and the care provider Previa offers preventative health care. The Swedish company Ecoviva serves their customers with grocery bags delivered to the door, and the name tells us that they help us achieve a more eco-friendly life style.

The tonality is about what feeling the name conveys. Do we want the name to sound hard or soft, feminine or masculine, academic, luxurious or like a bargain? In order to find the right tonality for the name you need to understand the personality and the core of the brand. Chloé has a luxurious tonality, Midroc sounds tough and forceful and Dove has a soft ring to it.
When you create a name it’s important to make conscious decisions that will reflect the promise of the brand. By proceeding in a methodical way, and taking all of the different aspects into consideration, you can create great brands that will tell you the same story in a number of different ways. A thorough name development process will lead you to a name that will be profitable for years to come.

KUKEN is king

We have said it before and we will say it again: A name that sounds great in one language may be a complete disaster in another. So if you are planning on serving customers on other markets today or in the future, a linguistic screening early in the process is always a good idea.

The KUKEN is a company in New Jersey, USA that sells kitchen- and bathroom interiors.
If they were to open a store in Sweden, Eqvarium would definitely recommend them to do so under a different name since ‘kuken’ is a rather crude slang version of the male genitalia. A company which invites you to ‘Experience the KUKEN difference’ will definitely stand out among the other in the business. But not necessarily in a good way.

Boost yourself!

Do you sometimes feel like your energy wanes in the middle of the week? Or do you have a long list of things to do that do not inspire you one bit?

A great way to meet the resistance you feel is to turn on the tap with positive energy. Get your note pad out, or open up a word document, and write a list of all the things that have gone well over the past weeks. Write the heading ‘Winnings & Learnings’ at the top of the sheet and get all the things you have achieved and learned down on paper. Be a pal and treat yourself to some good feelings of accomplishment. This will surely make your list feel more inspiring!

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