Even world-leading companies need to get their marketing strategies right to stay on top. If you run a successful business and have many new products in the pipeline, or if your would like to separate your different offerings, a thorough naming strategy and creative process is a key factor. Before you decide to do it all on your own over a couple of beers after work, ask yourself the following:
Do we know our current and potential markets well enough to come up with a name that works, today and in the long run?Do we feel comfortable choosing a name that might associate to something weird or offensive in a language that may become important for our future businesses?

  • Are we willing to choose a name without doing thorough quality controls or legal evaluations?
  • Do we even know how to make quality controls and legal evaluations?
  • Is our work group honest, courageous, transparent and creative enough to come up with a name that works, or is there a risk of coming to a dead end due to internal disagreements?
  • Are we willing to risk potential legal complications in the future? Can we afford a name that isn’t 100 % secure?

Do these questions make you sweat? Then call us and let’s make it right from the start together.