This year we celebrate our 10-year anniversary and we would like to thank our clients for sticking with us on this fantastic journey. Each naming process has been totally unique and we hope it’s been as fun for you as it’s been for us. Coming to a name decision is never easy, but when you sit there pulling your hair over the last remaining candidates on the short list, we take it as a sign that we’ve delivered on our promise. Since the name is supposed to be a part of your brand DNA for years to come, it should be hard to choose.


We usually say ten years is the magic line. If your brand name makes it that far – which means it still feels relevant and helps to boost your business – it’s probably established enough to work in the long haul as well.


Now, our own company has reached that magic number. With both small and big businesses frequently requesting our services, and with lots of exciting naming projects in the pipeline, we’re safe to say that we’ve arrived and put ourselves on the map. To sum things up, we would like to present a few of the product and business names that we’ve been just a little extra proud of:

1. Zenuity

For their new company focusing on the development of autonomous driving systems, Volvo Cars and Autoliv chose a name that derives from ingenuity and zenith (the point of the celestial sphere that is vertically above the observer).

2. Veoneer

The new electronics business segment at Autoliv. The name plays on words like vision, pioneer, partnership and horizon. Not bad for a next generation technology, if you ask us.

3. Favro

A revolutionary software tool for project management got a name worthy of a conquerer. Short, snappy, a bit mysterious and easy to remember.

4. Spirado

Lärarfortbildning launched a new leadership initiative. They went for a beautiful, associative name taken from spirare, which means breathe, and ado, as in Eldorado.


Many thanks, and welcome to take on your future name challenges with Eqvarium!