The two-wheel revolution is upon us. But it’s hardly a Harley revival. Modern bikers rather minimize the carbon footprint than raise hell on the highway. Yes, we’re talking electric scooters, those weird things that promise low speed at a high price. Unless you rent one by the hour, of course.


Scooters are quite interesting from a naming perspective. A sharp Razor, a chic Glion Dolly, a practical Ecoreco or a $5,000 Scrooser that will get you to Bikram Yoga class in style – bikes are booming and the American industry lacks no imagination when it comes to brand names. The different designs almost sound like doll accessories, only these are emission-free. This year, Swedish VOI Technology introduced shared electric scooters to the streets of Europe, challenging the giants overseas. We’re hoping for brilliant products and names for years to come.

What’s your favorite scooter called?