When You Think Brand Names, Think Graffiti Even cavemen drew on walls to tell their story. Still, it’s taken graffiti and street art forever to get anywhere near mainstream culture. While some will always consider tagging a building nothing but vandalism, there’s a lot you can take from graffiti when it comes to creating your brand identity and name:  


The groundbreaking mindset If it’s not edgy, it’s literally painted over. The same goes for most businesses. If you’re not willing to take risks, try new angles, be bold, transparent and thought-provoking with everything you do, someone else will come out on top. All these things need to be the very essence of your brand identity, including the name of your business or product. Look at Banksy and other superstars of modern street art – it’s their non-restricted way of working that allows them to connect with people in a true fashion. That same connection is the lifeblood of any company.  

The play on words Ok, it’s not always the Sistine Chapel. Most graffiti-bombed walls are more like the outcome of an insane brainstorming session – which can really be of help when it comes to brand names. The name angle you’re looking for might be right in front of you, hidden in the spray-paint circus. No one initially knew what Volvo meant either, right? Maybe it’s even better when we don’t? A little weird is always good, and in naming strategy, it’s actually pretty great. The hidden harmony is better than the obvious, and all that … So, next time you walk pass that same old building on your way to work, pay close attention!   

The instant recognition Done right, you simply won’t miss it. With graffiti, presentation is key, just like when you write that piece of content or create a name for your next product. And as far as establishing a brand name or spreading a message goes, graffiti artists were way ahead of the big marketing agencies already in the 1970s, using trains, sidewalks and bridges as their natural “ad space” – without ever spending a single dime. Modern guerilla marketing (which is similar, only a bit more legal) ows a lot to the graffiti pioneers that took huge risks to help create the definition of urban vibe.      

The stylishness The city doesn’t charge an entrance fee. Let’s face it, some of the most stylish and far out artwork ever created is there for everyone to behold and take inspiration from. Yes, sometimes it actually is a bit like the Sistine Chapel – some of it so good and loved by the masses it even ends up being preserved by the city. Why not snap a few ideas for your fancy business card or new website, instead of playing it safe like most of your competition? A clever, skilful and edgy design might be just what your company needs to fly. Add a fantastic brand name, and the world is yours.   Still not feeling the power of street art?

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