If you simply took a list of names for a new product and asked around in the office, chances are slim that people would like the same ones, and that’s fine. But in a thorough naming process done right, your naming team should be able to come to an agreement without too much headache. The stronger names are easily spotted and shortlisted while the weaker ones don’t make the cut – simple as that, right? Wrong. In fact, this is where so many companies out there get stuck, and there’s a good reason why.

In a naming process, you choose from a variety of contenders that all in some way should reflect your company’s core values. But far from all companies have these values written in stone. If there’s a lack in communication within the company walls, the task of finding the right name will be much harder.

What you need is a solid strategy for your naming processes that build from your core values. As an efficient naming team includes representatives from the whole company, not just the boardroom, everyone must know the whats, whys and howsby heart.

To get the most out of your naming processes, create a strong identity and gain new business, you need to:

Live Up to Your Good Names
Every employee who works for a company should know its story and how it’s manifested in the brand name or names. Be inclusive and make sure you’re all heading in the same direction.

Work on Your Names
Start looking at your brand names as a natural part of your communication and sales. Names are not last minute solutions.

Know Your Buyers
Identifying your key markets and target audiences is important to set the marketing tone. And the first thing they will notice is that logo screaming your brand name. So, what does it say?
When you’ve set the strategy, communicated your core values to your entire work force, have your dream team in place and each member has a deeper understanding of what your business is all about, you’re ready to rock.

Sounds like a handful? We’ll gladly do it all for you! Or why not begin with an eye-opening workshop on naming?