Dentsply Sirona assigned Eqvarium to find a name for a new product for implant treatment. We asked Johanna E Nilsson, Director Marketing Communication, to tell us more about Azento and the collaboration with Eqvarium.

What are the biggest challenges around digital implant treatment?

Our market research has shown that many dentists placing implants find the process complex and time consuming. In addition to the dentist’s clinical planning of each step of the procedure, there is administration, ordering and managing inventory taking staff time.

In addition, many dentists want increased predictability in the treatment execution, with reduced risk of complications.


Azento specifically target both challenges and offer a solution to them, by streamlining the process and at the same time enable more predictable clinical results.


How can Azento help streamline the workflow?

Azento streamlines digital implant planning, purchasing, and delivery by offering a custom set of patient-specific instruments and materials in one delivery. Therefore, Azento makes ordering and case management easy. But most of all, Azento saves time and money by reducing the workflow steps for the dentist, as we will take care of the clinical planning and provide the customized materials.


Why did you choose the name Azento and what does it represent?

We wanted a short, efficient name that is easy to pronounce in all relevant languages and that is easy to remember.

Key benefits with Azento is the simplified workflow and the convenience for the dentist; and in the name “Azento” you can find references to center, Zen (easy workflow), accent and performance. But at the end of the day, it was a name that we liked, and that we are now working hard to fill with value. So far it has proven efficient both with our customers and internally – it seems so be a name that is easily remembered and a bit different in our industry.


How was it working with Eqvarium and what are the benefits of a professional naming process in your opinion?

  • The process: I appreciated the large number of names that we got from Eqvarium and had to process stepwise as a team to narrow down to the final few alternatives – it opened our minds completely to get such a long list of suggestions from outside.
  • The project management of the naming process: In a fun and pleasant way, we were taken by the hand and guided through the process until the final few names.