When you think names, think branding

We’ve already covered the basics when it comes to naming — how to think creatively, how to take your chosen name’s lifecycle into consideration and the importance of legal, linguistic and communicative evaluations. But there are also other dimensions to it, such as looking at how the name will actually interact with your overall marketing and brand communication. Ask yourself the proper questions and let’s create and take your business to new heights!

1. Will the name make a good story?
The name you pick for your company, service, product (or hey, domain) should be one that you can always create more from. You want your name to be like a magical content-well, from which you can always collect a nice little article or tweet. The name doesn’t necessarily have to mean anything, but you should be able to give it a meaning.

2. Does the name mirror our core values?
If the answer is no, then how will you be able to use it to grow? Again, values and meaning can be projected to a name, but if it’s too far off to begin with it may have the opposite effect of what you’re looking for.

3. Do we feel like saying it repeatedly for the next 10 years?
Because, well, you’re pretty much gonna have to if you want to get noticed. Hot tip — include the receptionist or sales rep in the process – they are the ones using your brand name the most.

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