Complex events are part of everyday life for important social functions such as the armed forces, blue light authorities and traffic operators. To get the best possible overview on a situation, a correct analysis based on several different data sources is needed – something Kriisa is exceptionally good at providing. In fact, they are so good that they have now outgrown their company name and hired Eqvarium to find a new one.


Hi Henrik Kriisa at former Kriisa Consulting! Can you tell us a little about your services / products and what target groups you are working towards today?


The company specializes in merging and analyzing data from various data sources based on events that have taken place in time and space. By merging and analyzing this data, customers get a picture of what really happened over a period in which many different players participated. The conclusions can be used to develop the customers’ ability regarding both how they work and how their technical systems work.


You recently changed your company name to Miraya. Please tell us a little about what made you, an already established company, to change your name. What did you want the new name to communicate?


The company has gone from initially selling consultants to offering complete services as well as products that the customers themselves can work with. In addition, we have an emerging export market where we see more potential in the future. To reflect this, we wanted to move away from the old name that led to the wrong associations, to a new one that was more general but also possible to trademark protect.


Have you worked with a naming agency before? How did you experience the process and what parts felt like the biggest challenge?


No, this was the first time. We had previously made several internal efforts to find a new name but never got it quite right or a name that was both simple and unique. Once we got help, we felt that the process was going well and we were working together in a good way.


Was it difficult to come to a decision or was Miraya the clear favorite? How do you work with the name today and how has it been received by your target audience?


Miraya grew into the clear favorite, much thanks to the exclusion method as the other names for different reasons did not work or fit. The reception among our customers has been good, although people we have worked with for a long time still refer to us with the older name.


How would you sum up the work with Eqvarium in one or two sentences?


We are pleased with the support we received to find a new name and recommend Eqvarium to others with similar needs.