To create a high-quality brand name that lasts over time, you need to be aware of the following elements:


First Element: Differentiation


Differentiation is not an easy word to pronounce, but it’s even harder to achieve. Any business that stands out in its key markets, will have an advantage against competitors that choose to play it safe. We all know that, we all say that – but in most cases, it’s just empty words. A strong, unique brand name is one way to really get ahead, so dare to be different.


Second Element: Emotion


To connect with your potential consumers, you want a name that speaks to them. One that creates the right emotions and makes your brand feel like a natural choice in line with their lifestyle. Your name needs to mirror your positioning and your core values. Even if you have a very complex and technical product or service – think emotion when it comes to your brand name and marketing strategy.


Third Element: Association


A common mistake is to choose a descriptive name that tells exactly what you’re offering. This will limit your business and expansion possibilities. Instead, you want a name that says it all, without actually saying it. Remember the old rule “show don’t tell”? That goes for brand names as well. So, always try to express WHO you are, not WHAT you do.


Fourth Element: Security


The most common pitfall in naming is picking a weak name that isn’t legally secured and linguistically checked in your key markets and languages. Trademark infringement is not cheap, and a name that’s perfect for your home market may mean something gross abroad. Making sure is a smart investment.


Fifth Element: Creativity


Naming decisions are not for everyone. To be able to come to a decision, top management with actual mandate needs to be involved. If everyone at the company has a say, you’re bound to fail.

Are you having trouble finding a suitable name for your company, service or product? Let’s look at your name challenges together!