A successful business with a great booking and checkout system came to Eqvarium looking for a brand name to match their offer. With their core values and brand promise in mind – to make every business day a little easier – we created a list of strong contenders. They went for Valei, a short and snappy name with a clear reference to the classic word valet. Looking for a modern-day assistant to help you boost your business?

Check out www.valei.com, and read what their CEO Jonas Löfvenhamn had to say about the process below!


What is the big challenge in terms of brand names and marketing in your industry?

We work in an industry where many businesses have similar names. Using words like “book”, “checkout” and “cash” is more rule than exception in company names and trademarks. To find a brand name that helps us stand out, both on its own and with the opportunities it gives in terms of creative marketing, and still get the clients to understand what we can do for them, is clearly a big challenge.


What are the benefits of a strong name and what made you contact Eqvarium for help?

The name often gives the potential customer or partner a first impression of us. If we can create some extra interest by means of a powerful and thoughtful name, and directly signal which values ​​we represent, much is won.


The fact that we turned to Eqvarium was because we wanted input and ideas from someone who really knows this, a team that lives and breathes naming and branding. We had gone as far as we could on our own with an internal naming process, but just weren’t able to come up with the name with a large N. Thanks to Eqvarium’s extremely efficient process, we reached all the way.


There are so many strange and fun company names out there. Sometimes they work, sometimes not. What do you think a good name should communicate?

It feels very common and “done” in many industries that the name tells exactly what you do or deliver. Instead, by signaling the company values and the emotional aspects, we think the name can be so much more – a part of the company’s culture and personality. It may not be perceived as instantly obvious, but the sensitivity to temporary trends decreases, and the life expectancy will be so much longer.


How has the response been to Valei so far?

Daring to rename after ten years, with the risk of losing recognition and business relationships, was a big gamble. But thanks to our close relationships with our customers, the change has been fantastic. Everyone is already accustomed to the new name and can see that it reflects who we are and want to keep being. It simply feels like we’ve finally found home!